All Reasons to Drive Sober

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As the excitement of winter and the holiday season approaches, remember that no Halloween party, Thanksgiving Dinner, football game, Ugly Sweater Party, office gathering, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa get together is ever a good enough reason to drive while impaired.

In 2022, Colorado lost 754 lives to traffic fatalities, the most roadway deaths the state has seen in 41 years. This is a 57% increase from just 10 years ago. Colorado and its visitors must do better. Why? Because your life and the lives of those you love are at stake. Crashes are never planned, but a sober ride can be.

The top five counties with impaired driving crashes in 2022 investigated by the Colorado State Patrol were: Adams County (251), El Paso (234), Jefferson (180), Weld (138) and Larimer (132). No matter where you live or where you’re planning to attend a gathering, never take the chance of driving impaired or getting in the car with someone who has been drinking or using other substances.  

If you’re planning on partaking in holiday festivities, remember these tips:

  • If you even think that you might have a drink, designate someone else to drive who you can trust to stay sober. Or, if you are on your own, plan for a taxi ride/rideshare, or arrange to stay the night.
  • If traveling in a group, choose the designated driver early, before heading out for the night. Ensure the driver understands his/her responsibility for staying sober and looking out for all group members.
  • Even if you are not driving, take it easy with the drinks. Alcohol is toxic and even deadly in large amounts. Make sure to eat plenty of food, and drink non-alcoholic beverages.

You don’t have to drink or even be celebrating to be in danger on the streets during the holidays. Be especially careful driving at night during the season. Partygoers are more likely to be on the road at night and the later it gets, the more likely drivers might be intoxicated. No matter what, everyone in the car should always wear a seatbelt. It’s your best defense against impaired drivers.